An innovative lace set, an actress with discreet charm, an international director with an elegant style… the perfect equation to translate the spirit of the new “Invisible Elegance” bra from Playtex.

Invisible elegance: Playtex, it has its effect

“Invisible Elegance”, thanks to its “multi-elasticity” technology, finally allows women to wear lace under the most fitted clothes. In essence, what is seen is that it is not seen. And who else than the discreet, but no less full of natural charm, Zoé Felix to interpret the “Invisible Elegance” effect?
To shoot this slice of stealthy life, the eternal French “rendezvous”, Gray Paris called on director Jason Harrington, known for his sensitive and evanescent aesthetic. Result, a film in tune with the times, fresh, intimate and
light… like lace.

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