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June 22 is the reopening of cinemas in France. After 3 months of closure, it is urgent for them that lovers of the seventh art return to dark rooms. They have therefore done everything to maintain contact with their customers.

Social networks to stay visible

Containment has largely contributed to making digital communication gain its letters of nobility. Indeed, with closed points of sale and urban displays that no one sees, the health crisis has forced brands to turn to digital.

So, to celebrate the reopening of cinemas as an event worthy of the name, Pathé Gaumont has set up an advent calendar (or rather a calendar before June 22). Every day, his Instagram followers can win gifts: tickets, DVDs, merchandise, etc.

CGR also uses the method of counting and contests. Everything is done so that June 22 is an expected and exceptional date, when in reality it is only a return to normalcy.

Attractive and incentive prices

First of all, in order not to lose their most loyal customers, they need to feel pampered and considered, so most movie chains have extended loyalty cards or made refunds on subscriptions.

CGR has also launched a reopening offer with seats at € 5. This offer is valid for sessions until July 7 and only by reservation online. A good way to encourage consumers to return to the cinema quickly and to increase reservations which participate in barrier gestures.

UGC or concept cinemas

To mark the event, UGC offers thematic sessions from € 3,50 to € 5. Some screen the best films of 2019, others cult films of all eras, and finally, more surprisingly, the “director's choice” sessions show the films that the latter appreciates the most.

This choice allows UGC to maintain its prices on new products while attracting new customers. Indeed, it offers the possibility to latecomers to discover the 2019 films they have heard so much about. The more curious can turn to the films of the director less mainstream. In short, there is a screening for everyone, regardless of its link with the cinema.

The cinemas therefore make June 22 a film festival, like the music festival. Monday must be a day when great amateurs and novices go to the movies. So see you Monday, to see if their strategies have paid off.

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