The association is fighting to preserve our planet and that is why WWF Canada and the John St agency are now presenting a spot to communicate and raise awareness about fish consumption.

Norman, an ecological cat

The association then draws the public's attention to the serious problem involved in intensive fishing, namely the disappearance of certain species of fish. This alarming phenomenon stems from the fact that fishing is today a real industry. Boats are capable of catching several hundred fish at a time, making the disappearance of species inevitable.

Through this spot, WWF campaigns for the regulation of fishing and invites consumers to turn to fish from the company Loblaw's. To act against intensive fishing and the preservation of fish species, WWF Canada features an ecological cat in a TV commercial.

Norman, the eco-warrior cat lives daily adventures. A voiceover tells us the story of this cat who cares about his planet and his environment like a true ecologist. A touching advertisement that emphasizes the importance of controlled fishing and honors the Canadian retailer Loblaw's for its respect for fishing quotas!

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