In Denmark, to make Internet users aware of endangered species, the WWF and the agency Geometry Global have set up a very original digital operation on the video platform Youtube...

WWF messages instead of animal videos!


Every day Youtube has 4 billion visitors and 11,7 million videos can be found with the keyword "animals". The WWF association therefore decided to tackle these animal spots on Youtube in order to educate as many people as possible about the animal cause. How did she do it? The association simply blocked the videos! When a visitor wanted to watch one of them, a shocking message from the WWF appeared instead of the spot. These messages were all related to the animal in the video, their purpose was to inform Internet users about the risks that threatened the animal in question.

Difficult to attack Internet users to make them aware of the animal cause, and yet WWF has succeeded with success thanks to an original digital operation! By hijacking the Youtube platform, the association was able to reach a large number of people and benefited from significant media coverage with more than 761 reactions on Twitter, and 000 million media impressions.


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