Saturday June 13 was the eighth World Day of Well-being. On this occasion, brands communicated widely to urge you to take care of yourself. Real position or commercial technique, the debate remains open.

A boon for beauty products

A day devoted to relaxation, rest and refocusing on oneself. Isn't this the perfect day to promote your latest foaming shower gel or massage oil that can't seem to run out of stock?

On Saturday, promotional posts for cosmetic products flourished on social networks. We can notably cite the Stanhome laboratory which took advantage of this day to praise its new range " Aromasource". To do this, in addition to advertising on his own networks, he linked up with influencers who all shared the same message and the same image. The brand thus flooded the #worlddaydubienetre.

Other laboratories, such as Innoxa, took the opportunity to present some of their products. Even a makeup artist from a big brand like Yves st laurent got caught up in the game.

Unite your community

These thematic days are also a good pretext for organizing events. Contest for a Spirulina cure, promotion at La tortue de jade or even nail polish challenge at Nail Art: all means are good to interact with your community.

This type of subject also allows brands to convey a positive image since they associate themselves, in the mind of the consumer, with well-being. They are not there for the publicity but to help their customers have a great day. It is also often thanks to these posts that users learn the theme of the day. In the case of this Saturday, therefore, it is in a way the brands that offered the prospect of well-being to consumers.

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, World Days: it's commercial!

This is THE sentence to draw when you haven't had time to find a gift ... or you have simply forgotten. But doesn't it also contain an element of truth?

There are many world or international days and new ones happen every year. So that on Saturday you could also celebrate the world knitting day, that of the doll but also the international day of awareness of albinism. If those concerning diseases or social causes are often relayed, the less committed days are little known or celebrated… except by brands.

Some even forge a large part of their communication on these world and international days. This is the case, for example, with the real estate agency Delphine Teillaud. She took advantage of the day of well-being to give advice on interior decoration, that of the family to sympathize with the confinement or that of the pillow fights to promote its homes.

Finally, hanging up the themes of the day at your company is almost always possible. However, by celebrating too many events, the impact of each is lost.

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