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In 2020, Alain Chauveau and Murielle Plavis are launching Modal Consulting, a consulting agency in positive transformation that allows companies to define their purpose and integrate CSR into their business model and product offer. The two founders gave us an interview to tell us more about their company and the upheavals in the marketing industry.

CSR as a necessary step

Between the blacklists that circulate to denounce brands that resort to slavery or child labor and companies that must face the ecological emergency, have a good strategy of CSR has become vital.

Thus, Modale Conseil has specialized in CSR, that is to say sustainable development applied to companies. The agency accompanies you on the aspects environmental, social et economic so that you move towards a positive and sustainable functioning. To do this, the founders attach great importance to responsible marketing: reducing the negative impacts of products. And this, from design to recycling through use.

Because having good intentions is not enough, once a company wants to become responsible, it must strive to be so throughout its production chain, in its communication and even with its employees.

However, although transformation is not easy, companies are increasingly realizing the importance of CSR. Alain Chauveau, with his 20 years of experience in this field, explains to us that if, at the beginning, no one knew what sustainable development and CSR were, today all large companies have a CSR policy.

Define your raison d'être: know where you come from to know where you are going

Before starting your conversion, it's good to know what image you want to convey, both to our customers and to our employees. It is therefore important to find its purpose.

Modale Conseil thus sets up many services to help you find values you want to send, the messages you want to send to your societal utility and the areas in which you want to engage. It is often by delving into the history of brands that the agency gets its hands on founding values.

This raison d'être has a real unifying power for brands and in particular with their employees. By defining a societal utility for the company, they feel invested with a mission that goes beyond simple bureaucratic tasks. The raison d'être gives meaning to their actions.

Towards societal marketing

For the founders of the agency this "Request for meaning" is more and more present, among consumers too. We know that the need to belong is strong among the younger generations. For this, they are for example very consumers of luxury: they prefer to have a single object of quality and carrying meaning rather than a multitude of standardized cases.

Alain Chauveau is therefore certain that the world of tomorrow will be a world of choice and not of blind consumption. He pushes the reflection by comparing this consumption to a vote, "buying an organic product is voting for a better world and a sustainable economy".

To this extent, Modale Conseil carries out a eve of imaginaries. And the health crisis has confirmed that users are turning to more authentic products from local shops, favoring short circuits. We are living in a period of change where consumption is changing, it is even turning into a form of of consumption : people buy less but better. Developing societal marketing is therefore the key to attracting the consumers of tomorrow.

And since it is better to act than to speak, the Modale Conseil agency itself is part of responsible marketing and communication by practicing, among other things, eco-design: eco-responsible paper, vegetable ink, nothing n ' is left to chance!

Still wondering if positive transformation is right for you? The answer is yes ! Murielle Plavis assures us that all companies can get started. Whatever your level of maturity in CSR, if you want to change, Modale Conseil supports you every step of the way.

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