Microsoft's new operating system will offer a brand new interface directly inspired by that of Windows Phone 7, particularly suited to touch control, which this time breaks radically with the old versions on which users have been familiar for many years.

They should be reassured, however, because the classic Windows interface, with the “task bar”, will always be available: it will suffice to call it when desired. And for those who are not equipped with a touch screen, it will be possible to use their keyboard and mouse to navigate in this new environment.


With this new interface, users will be able to launch applications directly from a full screen start menu, designed from large dynamic tiles, similar to those found in Windows Phone 7. To switch from one application to another , all it takes is a swipe of the hand, as shown in the video above.


To take advantage of this new full screen design, new Windows applications will emerge, designed with Web technologies (HTML 5 / javascript).
This first presentation is far from revealing all the secrets of Windows 8.
Microsoft still has time to refine its next OS, which is not expected until 2012.

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