Love pack: the Wiko Night Fever 4G bundled with condoms.Wiko-Night-Fever-Love-Pack

Wiko launched this November 27 its Fever 4G in white and gold. A launch which takes place with a somewhat disturbed communication operation, which has the merit of attracting the attention of many Internet users by presenting his new smartphone through several videos playing the card of sexual innuendos, and by launching this first pack prohibits at least 18 years, baptized WIKO "Night Fever". The particularity of this smartphone is to have phosphorescent edges. And to launch its smartphone, Wiko has chosen to accompany it with four condoms… also phosphorescent.

The brand explains: “ it absorbs daylight and reflects it in the dark. The intensity of the brightness depends on the time of exposure to the light, but also on the color of the phone. On the white version, the phosphorescent effect will be really bright. On the black, it will be a slight halo, which will appeal to the most discreet ».

A “Love Pack Night Fever” edition limited to only 300 copies, which will be sold in “Passage du Désir” lovestores, but also at “Lick”. Not to mention that Wiko also slipped a Gold ticket inside one of the bundles. SIf you come across it, you can experience the Wiko fever and gain a preview and exclusive access to all Wiko smartphones that will be released in France between January 1 and December 31, 2016.. Finally, Wiko specifies that this “Love Pack” bundle is “ especially not forbidden to under 18s ” .

To support this communication campaign, Wiko broadcast several rather embarrassing spots (of a sexual nature), while assuming 100%. A brand that likes to be talked about.


Some find the videos sexist, others just plain bad. Still others blame the negative comments about this campaign, which they find funny and offbeat, to be taken seriously. And you what do you think ?

Here are the famous videos that are talked about a lot:

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