Firefox et Microsoft have agreed to suggest a version of the Firefox browser but this time it will be associated with Bling and not to Google.


This alliance remains astonishing coming from its two great brands which were the worst enemies not so long ago.

Thanks to the partnership that Google every year, the Firefox project still runs as well and continues to exist. Google pay (a hundred million dollars) the Mozilla foundation, which allows him to survive (84% of his annual income). In return, Firefox becomes the exclusive search engine by default. After 8 years of exclusivity, the contract between the two search engines was not renewed last week.

To ensure the leadership, Google had implemented a strategy by privileging projects like Firefox to Microsoft solutions because, at that time, Google did not submit a web browser.

In recent years, Google has been able to remedy this problem. By suggesting its own solution, Firefox then becomes one of its main competitors. As a result, Google would have broken the contract with Firefox to leave no chance for its competitor to get a head start. It is also a way to gain new market share. Especially since, thanks to certain applications, in particular the rich intra-browser applications, have enabled Google to distance Firefox!

Last year, we already imagined that this partnership would not be renewed. Firefox had sensed the end of the partnership and had moved ahead of Google. Indeed, the fire fox has proposed a partnership with Microsoft, its formidable competitor, who has become an ally.

One thing is certain, this offer does not displease Microsoft and Bing, because we can find a site in the colors of the two new allies. However, the terms of this alliance remain unclear.


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