Culture has been strongly impacted by the crisis in COVID-19, and yet it is essential to our heritage ... Indeed, it has been very difficult for art galleries, cinemas or theaters to consider opening during this complex period of the health crisis. However, culture attracts a lot of people and it was necessary to find solutions to adapt to developments and to introduce works of art to everyone.

The Micro-Folies is a digital museum device. In short, a cultural action tool supported by the Ministry of Culture. Regarding the establishment of a Micro-madness, the choice is vast: In a cinema, in a place of public service, in a performance hall (…). The objective remains the same: To propose a coherent program and to transform the place into a real place of life and exchanges around innovative cultural projects.

At the request of the town hall, the cinema of Dorat in Haute-Vienne is transformed into a digital art museum until mid-September by calling on Micros-Folies. During a session, six different themes are proposed. From the Louvre to the Quai Branly, via regional collections, art will not be left out… It is a real alternative to allow the whole territory to discover the works of art. We are talking about a decentralization of places of culture to fill the territories devoid of museums! Good game !

“We have an average of 15 people per day and all profiles. »The Popular


At the cinema of Dorat, a series of works of art is shown on screen on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 15 p.m. to 17 p.m., free of charge to visitors. During the summer, families, people only, tourists are expected to take advantage of this rather atypical but very enriching exhibition. From the start of the school year, children will also be expected with their teachers to enjoy the exhibition during a school trip. During the exhibition, spectators will be assigned a tablet from which they can select each work for more in-depth explanations and instructive games.

The Micro-follies hope to perpetuate the exhibitions with their atypical concept: Digital at the service of art. The city of Dorat has also asked for a three-year partnership with the Micro-follies to revitalize art and culture within the territory.

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