Generix Group, publisher of collaborative software for the retail ecosystem, and Proximis, leading publisher of Web to Store solutions, have joined forces to offer a new generation of Click & Collect, the reservation service for in-store collection.

An alliance to develop the cross-channel
Generix Group and Proximis have joined forces to offer their users the best Click & Collect solution to develop in-store sales from internet and mobile. As of now, users of the Generix Collaborative Customer (GCC) cross-channel sales and marketing platform can benefit from the latest cross-channel innovations from Proximis integrated into Generix tools.

Generally, web reservation services do not communicate well with the POS systems used in stores. This is why the two publishers have invested in recent months in creating a standard connector between their solutions, offering consumers a unique in-store collection experience for products reserved online, and allowing the brand to measure precisely the additional sales (upsell) made in store for each Internet user.
This integration also aims to simplify the work of the seller who thus has a single interface to manage all transactions, including those coming from the web.

A reliable view of return on investment (ROI)
Accurately calculating the ROI was until today the main pitfall of the Web to Store.
The provision of this common 100% integrated Click and Collect offer offers new possibilities, such as:
- Improving the productivity of treatments (rationalization of costs)
- Web to Store behavioral analysis (impact of digital on physical)
- Analysis of the different sources of turnover (online sales, upsell store, etc.)

More generally, the 100% integrated Click & Collect meets the needs of distributors who, faced with the multiplicity of channels, seek to facilitate their customers' journey while optimizing the profitability of cross-channel services.

“Generix Group supports distribution leaders on a daily basis. We wanted to complete our ecosystem with a truly proven Web to Store solution. We have worked with Proximis for several clients and have observed a strong expertise in Click & Collect. This partnership offers our customers a real lead in terms of conversion between digital and points of sale. », Comments Philippe Petit, Director of Operations Generix Collaborative Customer.

“The association of cross-channel sales & marketing animation software with a Click & Collect solution is a first in Europe and opens up unprecedented possibilities. Thanks to this connector, GCC users in stores can access Proximis solutions without changing their work environment. This convergence between the web, information systems and store solutions opens up new perspectives: reliable analysis of on / off-line conversion, measurement of additional sales (upsell), behavioral analysis of the omnichannel shopper ... innovations including our common customers can benefit from today ", adds Philip Bianchi, CEO of Proximis.

About Generix Group
Publisher of collaborative software for the retail ecosystem, Generix Group supports distributors, logistics providers and manufacturers in the management, pooling and optimization of their flows. The Generix Collaborative Business service package is based on strong business expertise in the fields of ERP, supply chain and cross-channel sales management, all supported by our EDI, EAI and portal integration solutions. . With Carrefour, Gefco, Leclerc, Leroy Merlin, Nestlé, Unilever, DHL, Louis Vuitton, Sodiaal, Metro, Sara Lee, Kuehne + Nagel, Cdiscount ... more than 1500 international players have chosen “Generix Collaborative Business” solutions, establishing Generix Group as a European leader with more than € 63 million in turnover.
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About Proximis
Proximis, software publisher dedicated to cross-channel, offers an innovative Web to Store software solution, dedicated to brands and retailers. First global Web to Store solution that provides its customers with tools to increase in-store sales from their website and mobile (store locator, product locator, click and collect, multicast). Founded in 2008 by Philip Bianchi and Jérôme Faure, the start-up provides concrete solutions to address the behavioral phenomenon of ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), and has a unique expertise of 5 years in On / Off. Since 2011, the company has been supported by Oséo Innovation, the Alsace Region and the Ministry of Research.
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