The Yves Rocher group is launching its new website dedicated to recruitment. In a bright and ergonomic graphic environment, the site first describes the history of the group, from its creation to today, its values ​​and its commercial success. The 8 brands that the group has acquired or created in 50 years are also presented, as well as the positioning of each and its specificities.

But the particular interest of this site lies in the wealth of information concerning the different professions exercised in the group. Thus, within the “Professions” section, we discover the extent of the group's fields of activity. From purchasing to finance, through marketing or R&D, the site provides an exhaustive overview of the opportunities for employment in the cosmetics industry.

For applicants with a scientific profile that cosmetic formulation oriented use dream, the "R&D" section presents a detailed list of possible positions within the Yves Rocher group. For each job title, a quick description scans the main missions as well as any transverse connections with other departments.

Same approach for the Marketing activity where, in addition to essential positions (product manager, merchandising or marketing analysis manager, etc.), a new category of professions has emerged: the professions ofdigital job. The profiles sought are those of e-marketing specialists who want to invest in a group making the Internet a strong axis of its development strategy. A great place is therefore given to community managers, on-line marketing officers and other viral marketing specialists who would like to put their passion at the service of the Yves Rocher group.

Insofar as the site presents the Yves Rocher Group's recruitment process, it is important to understand that all of these professions, precisely described, are potentially available within each of the 8 brands in its portfolio. Transversal evolutions are therefore quite possible: a candidate recruited for a position of sector manager for the Yves Rocher brand can, in theory, be offered a career development.employment at Petit Bateau.

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