Since 2009, the brand of flavored beer has released an annual limited edition that transforms its traditional labels into works of art thought and drawn by the collective of artists of the 9th concept. This year, Desperados is enhancing its work with a virtual reality experience that offers its consumers a unique artistic journey.

Over the years, Depserados has made its “limited edition” an unmissable event that brings together brand content, ubrain art and, more recently, technology. In 2009, the brand was even crowned an exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

In 20 years of artistic creation, the 5th beer brand in the world has been loyal to the collective of artists from 9th concept which renews this artistic event every year! And for 3 years, Desperados has been using the agency MNSTR to join these artistic creations, a virtual dimension and connected to its consumers. A strategic argument targeting 18-39 year olds, explained by Clémentine Doumenc, Marketing Manager International Brands Heineken France. " Our customers are particularly demanding and changing, which represents a permanent challenge for us. We have to catch the trends, find the right one tone of voice, and adopt the correct codes. All while remaining in our place, without falling into youthism ". This year, the artistic and technological axis is focusing on the creative journey:

Brand, art and new technologies

The artist Theo Lopez played on the diversity of colors, materials and textures used in his creation and gave free rein to his imagination. The idea is to offer consumers to go behind the scenes to invite them to dissect the process of artistic creation. So how, as a beer brand, Desperado manages to combine brand content, art and virtual reality experience? Clémentine Doumenc answers: “They (9th concept) bring us what no agency could give us. That is to say a form of crazy creativity, in its purest form. If we appeal to them, it is precisely so as not to have things sanitized, too marketing. We give them carte blanche. We give them our brand, as part of a limited edition. You have to accept to let go. " A recipe that will surely work with these versatile consumers but increasingly seeking experience and exclusivity!


So, equipped with virtual reality headsets or your smartphone, you can have fun finding these limited editions and thus enter this parallel world where art and sensory disorder blend together ideally! Moreover, from June 15, the creation of Théo Lopez will be in the spotlight at the Bordeaux submarine base until September 20.

Desperados © - Théo Lopez - 2018


So for those who like to drink an aperitif and who also have an artistic soul, find the new and magnificent Desperados bottles to combine business with pleasure and offer you a unique trip, without leaving your home!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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