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Heineken, Pernod, Total, Groupe Le Moniteur, Imperial Tobacco Group… Brasseries… So many renowned brands and companies. Because it makes their products essential in our daily consumption, it is in this same spirit, modern and in search of innovation that the design agency Cltg has imagined two product concepts that will change the habits of tomorrow: two prototypes of connected objects belonging to the worlds of cosmetics and oenology.

"The Vatel"










Combining design and intelligence, this brand new connected object allows wine to be consumed in optimal conditions. We choose the bottles and Vatel takes care of the rest.

Scan of the bottle for identification (region, grape variety, vintage ...), search for the ideal tasting temperature thanks to its connection to a global database, taking into account the outside temperature of the room (and therefore of the tasting glass )… The Vatel takes care of the wine until it is consumed. When the bottles have reached the ideal temperature, it informs by SMS and by visual signal that the bottle is ready to be tasted. The consumer can choose himself a manual function (or via his smartphone) allowing him to select the tasting temperature. Built with a mixture of glass and steel, with a resolutely contemporary design, designed to accommodate up to three different bottles, the Vatel, an object as aesthetic as it is functional, will naturally find its place among wine lovers.

The Vatel - currently at the prototype stage - is tomorrow's answer to today's desires.


The "Phi"


Trend and innovation, it is in this spirit that CLTG has developed with "Phi", a real technological case for a cocktail of daily well-being, intended for the skin.

Connected object, "Phi" constantly knows the external conditions (temperature, humidity, pollution…) and instantly adapts its formula to better protect what is precious.

Just run your hand over its thermosensitive dome or program it in advance, and Phi begins preparing. From a typical base chosen after a skin diagnosis (neutral, dry, oily), Phi composes the treatment by injecting under pressure a cocktail of nine serums according to the expressed needs. Day care, evening care, its internal clock allows it to deliver the right dose adapted to the moment. Thanks to a personalized use only, it offers a nomadic dose in a small “shuttle” bottle. Gone are the many opened jars that clutter up bags or the bathroom, the Phi, a real aesthetic and technological gem, informs you of the level of product left to be able to place an order online.

Perfectly secure and hygienic, it also manages the cleaning of the device and the “shuttles” thanks to a predefined and automatic weekly cycle.

Designing pioneering and design objects, responding to the demands of tomorrow, such is the spirit of Cltg in constant mutation.



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