Communication is an important element both on a daily basis and for special events such as festivals or days of all kinds. This is why it is essential to take into account the correct realization of the various nameplates. The latter indeed play significant roles.

1Signage: a means of communication with multiple uses

La signage is a multi-function tool that can be used in many ways in different fields. Being one of communication media the most effective, signage finds its place in particular in events, in communication, and even in marketing for the promotion of certain products or services for example.

In terms of communication, the role of signage is most often to indicate the path and direction, restrictions, and the rules to be followed on the road. On the event side, it will be more a question of drawing attention to the stands or practical information. The movement of visitors will be organized and in order.

The basic principles of creating good signage?

To be sure of successful signage, it is necessary to consider certain important points. Among these points one distinguishes in particular the format of the text in question. In order for it to have a greater impact, it must be as visible as possible. Thus, writing in bold is preferred, especially if the signage concerned is dedicated to provide information on road directives.

As for the event signage, the trick is to play with the colors and the size of the plate. Large format prints with attractive colors like red or purple will have much more positive results, of course. It will also be customary to insert in the whole, certain graphs or significant patterns such as arrows, or other signage designs.

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