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Video streaming platforms, social networks like YouTube or Twitch: today no one wants to adapt to programs, it is the programs that must be available when the viewer wishes. With television on demand, TV has made a first in this direction. However, other platforms also continue to develop, even if it means definitively supplanting television channels.

Twitch is democratizing and exploding audiences

Since its inception, Twitch has been aimed almost exclusively at gamers. On their channel, they play video games in live stream and share their feedback with their community. Today, if it is lives at league of legends which occupy the second place of the most popular categories of the platform, the first place is held by the "Just Chatting". As the name suggests, this category has nothing to do with video games. It is based on other concepts closer to lives Instagram.

As a result, the network open to non-gamers which increases its visibility. Adding to that the containment that drove people to turn to online entertainment, the live streaming is an area that has gained a lot of users this year.

Thus, Twitch records a 56% audience increase between the first and second quarters of 2020 (they go from an average billion hours per month to 1,5 billion, after having recorded a peak of 1,8 billion in April). Among these users, France is well represented since the French Sardoche appears in the top 10 of livestreamers the most popular.

Live and on-demand football: will Twitch compete with television?

While television remains popular for watching football matches, the Olympique de Marseille innovates and is exported to Twitch. Indeed, on July 9 and 22, 2020, the club broadcasts its matches live on the live stream.

La Olympique de Marseille channel already has 71 followers. And with nearly 422 views for matches, this first try on Twitch is conclusive. The phenomenon should therefore generalize and be emulated in other clubs. Especially since footballers are very present on social networks and try more and more to create links with their fans.

The sector is so buoyant that Netflix also turns to football! In association with Téléfoot, a new offer should see the light of day on the streaming. It would allow, for less than € 30 per month, access to Téléfoot matches (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2) as well as the entire Netflix catalog. Insofar as the subscription to the Téléfoot TV channel alone costs € 25,90 per month, the choice could quickly be made for consumers.

A future without television?

TV programs therefore migrate to on-demand platforms and can be watched for free or for a very competitive price. Thus, especially in the case of Twitch, for the price of an internet subscription, an impressive amount of content is available. Since TV is not really free and also uses advertisements, we can understand that more and more young people are abandoning it.

Moreover, by diversifying the offers, such as Netflix which, in addition to series and films also offers documentaries or comedy shows, these platforms touch an increasingly large audience.

Especially since, as for Twitch, the tools made for geeks are becoming more democratic. This is for example the case of instant messaging Discord whose use is spreading outside the circle of gamers. The boundaries between digital users and others are blurring. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to a total abandonment of television in a few years.

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