Yesterday evening the Eiffel Tower was pink. After the Grand Palais, the Palais Garnier and the Conciergerie, a pink light invaded the national theater of Chaillot last night. A new milestone event for Pink October: the month when awareness of breast cancer screening is on everyone's minds.

For pink October, the Eiffel Tower turns pink

If Pink October has been around for 20 years now, this awareness month continues to be talked about. It has now been 4 years since the DS events agency imagines, created and implemented the event "Breast Cancer, Let's Talk!" »Chaired by Henk van der Mark, also president of Estée Lauder France. This major event, of which Marie-Claire magazine has obviously been a partner from the start, launches the start of events across the country.

Raising awareness among women about early detection of breast cancer is a priority. Secondly, paying homage to the symbol of the Pink Ribbon, recognized worldwide as a symbol of the fight against this disease is also important.

40 photos were exhibited last night during the Ruban Rose evening during which the “Pink Ribbon” Prizes and those to the winners of the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award were presented “The idea is to use these clichés which are mostly stories for the benefit of the association. These stories reflect the dynamic in which women are. It is a very beautiful message. The month of Pink October is integrated, it's breast cancer month, everyone is talking about it more and more. There are many wills. It's a long-term job ” concludes the president of the association.

The association "Breast Cancer, Let's Talk!" - gave scope to its 21st campaign against breast cancer and information on early detection; last night. Started last May with the launch of the third edition of the photo competition Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award, last night, the pink Eiffel Tower once again entered history.

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