"TTMC" or "How much do you wear? »This is the project of 6 childhood friends from Lyon. This quirky board game allows players to self-assess their knowledge of various subjects from 1 to 10. Today, the game can be found in all independent game stores and for a few months now in GSS games and culture (King Jouet, Decitre, Cultura, FNAC) and even Carrefour and Auchan. It's a box!



We offer you a funny, authentic and simple interview! It feels good and makes you want to buy the game!


TTMC, what is it?

An atmospheric question / answer game on original or interesting subjects. When the topic is announced, the team should self-assess their knowledge of the topic. If the answer is correct, she advances on the board the number of squares corresponding to the chosen note. Simple things as we like them in Périgord!


Who is your target? Why ?

Epicurean friends and families who love to share convivial moments! Although it is a question and answer game, it is above all the atmosphere generated that is appreciated by the players.


What inspired you to create this game?

The little games created in spite of ourselves to distract us during our evenings or trips as well as our penchant for writing down everything and anything: from a dish in a restaurant to a well-pointed pétanque ball. The desire to continue delirious with friends: after visiting the sewer or putting up false protest signs in a public place, we came up with the idea of ​​a more mature project!


What is your motto in life?

In life we ​​don't really know, but today it's: "When the Suez Canal is blocked, the entire world fleet is in PLS"


Are you a fan of board games?

Amateurs yes but not experts, it is especially the party games that attract us.


What more can TTMC bring to board game fans?

Approach completely original subjects, especially in a game (toothpicks, clothing labels,…) and no frustration: the level 1 and 2 questions being incredibly simple! For example, the level 2/10 question in volcanoes is: "Is volcanism related to the movement of ragga souls, bachatas or tectonic plates?" "


If you had a message to claim through this game, what would you choose?

Take the time to live.


Do you have ambitions for the future?

Continue to distill good humor through the game wherever the boxes are, with no limit in time and space.


How many are you in… Board games?

Overall, we are worth 5 in board games 😉
Curious to discover all kinds of party games, a little less for the "big games" category. In any case, we take pleasure in seeing people playing TTMC.





We see that good humor is contagious. One thing is certain, they know how to set the mood. Congratulations to all !

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