Amnesty International has fervently fought for the protection of human rights for several years. For its new campaign, the NGO has chosen to launch a brand new digital device through the Facebook Connect feature.

Amnesty International unveils its new “Trial by Timeline” device

In order to sensitize the population which one could qualify as "privileged" on the freedoms which it would not have under a totalitarian regime, theNGO Amnesty International decided to set up a unique digital device. This operation called "Trial by Timeline" skillfully reveals all these acts that make up our daily lives and for which we would all be condemned under a totalitarian regime.

All in all ordinary actions and which absolutely does not suggest that they could be reprehensible. It is therefore through an elaborate staging that we discover the methods common to the political police in totalitarian countries. In this way, the NGO makes us aware that the mere fact of having a Facebook account constitutes a major offense.

Come and discover the operation on

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