Actress, trainer, consultant, Christine PAOLINI has several strings to her bow, these different facets allow her to develop and animate courses on the themes of the training of trainers, oral expression, public speaking and different communication techniques.

Based on the model Process Com®, this book teaches you to detect and better understand your personality and that of your interlocutor. These keys will allow you to improve and detect possible blockages between teacher and learner.

These blockages often give rise to a state of stress which can prevent a learning optimal.

Through multiple concrete examples, Christine PAOLINI offers and presents practical and essential tools to meet everyone's needs and focus your teaching on each type of person according to their age group.

Each personality base behaves differently depending on age, the learning of a child of Work addict type is different from an adult Work addict. Learn using simple tools to adapt to your interlocutors and not the other way around.

« Find out how to improve your communication to train efficiently and without stress " thanks to " Train without stress »By Christine PAOLINI, to find in store and online to GERESO editions.

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