Topcom is a new concept which should emerge during the Davos Economic Forum.

This is an ultra-secure social network exclusively reserved for top executives. For now, only two hundred people will be able to join TopCom.

With TopCom, world leaders (politicians ect…) could now manage their accounts themselves, chat with their relationship and buy time to transmit information of the utmost importance. According to rumors, TopCom is a mixture of several means of communication (mail, sms, Facebook, Twitter et Skype) but it would look strangely like Tibbr (an information and messaging system) or to Convofy (a private network) according to the site The Next Web.

The problem that may arise for this social network is: Are the powerful really going to use Topcom ? Yes Topcom is managed by someone other than the account holder, then TopCom will not be of much use since the objective is to save time to transmit information ...

For your information, Vivek Ranadivé, the founder of TopCom is the one who gave birth to TIBCO Sofware, a software vendor in 1997.

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