The second hand is in tune with the times, it is collaborative and more eco-friendly. These are values ​​that have an impact in our purchasing acts that become less compulsive rather thoughtful and engaged. To get up to date, the German leader Zalando sets up a category vintage where you can buy or exchange items on your platform online mode.

Get ready, Zalando go do to blush the famous thrift stores of Saint Paul or the Marais. This novelty arrives in October in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.

Zalando headquarters in Berlin - Germany

A creative and inspiring circular economy!

Already launched in Germany and Spain, the so-called '' Pre-owned '' offer offers many possibilities. Indeed, users can buy or trade articles second hand. Zalando affirms to maintain its level of requirement regarding customer experience on the sales framework, product quality, free delivery, returns, after-sales service ...

In addition to purchasing, customers will also be able to exchange items against Zalando credits that can be used on the site. This possibility will materialize in a simple way. The '' my favorites '' category will be updated so that customers can, in addition to the basic options, view the items they have ordered in the past on Zalando. Then, they can select these same articles from the site or download articles from elsewhere. It's open and easy, with a few clicks you can easily swap what you no longer use! Convenient for doing tri without throwing!

After the option " Try and pay after », Zalando is once again correct and takes part in the paradigm shift current. Indeed, the German platform will be the first to offer this intelligent solution and development integrated into its site.

The pleasure of hunting for all.

For virtuous circles.

The second hand and the recuperation are very popular with millennials, it is the generation instigating a new breath and which seeks to transmute our habits for a healthier world.

Enough of excess consumption, let's move on to conscious consumption !

With this revolutionary new option, Zalando affirms its positions actor of change. The aim is to convince those who may be reluctant to buy second hand but also to revalue this economical and ecological process which does not date from today.

This step is part of sustainability strategy set up by the company under the name '' Do More ''. Long-term goals are extend the lifespan of more than 50 million items and phase out single-use plastic packaging by 2023.

To stay in this circular logic and coherent, Zalando replaces plastic with recycled paper. It is already a small step, everyone is doing their part, like the humming-bird narrated by Pierre Rabhi.

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