If the race for time is a real challenge for advertisers who seek to capture consumers in seconds, the new lingerie brand Impatience, no offense to its name, does the opposite. By making time the key notion of its message, the brand seizes the attention of the Internet user by cleverly using the functions of Youtube. A torrid countryside where frustration, desire and expectation are skilfully mixed.

Time: the ally of pleasure… and teasing!

Small (or big) news in the world of French lingerie, Impatience is launching into the big leagues with this daring and already very conceptual campaign. While the brand sets itself apart from its competitors by offering a whole range of underwear that is supposed to be removed in a snap thanks to a system of snaps or knots, time appears a priori as an essential vector for this launch campaign. This is indeed the angle of attack adopted by the brand which, accompanied by the Y&R Paris agency, nevertheless surprises us by taking the opposite view of our expectations. Through a campaign broadcast in France from April 18 on Youtube, in PR and via social networks, Impatience surprisingly advocates waiting, desire, tension… in short, makes time the ally of our desire… and of its implantation. How? 'Or' What ? By encouraging Internet users to take their time to better understand the substance of their message. And even to take back!

A campaign as explicit as it is clever

“Time is pleasure” is a completely new advertising spot produced at two speeds. If the brand fully plays the card of sensuality through explicit visuals, its message is no less subtle. Indeed, thanks to a realization cleverly thought out by Davin Black, the brand plays with the emotions of the Internet user and offers him several scenarios. First, a quick staging, where the sequences follow and intersect to lead us (too) quickly to the final result of a love waltz, thus creating a feeling of incomprehension and frustration. But at the end of the video, the brand offers us a new staging by encouraging us to slow down the reading speed. The video takes on a whole new aspect: softer, more sensual. Impatience tells us here a real story: that of seduction, tension, expectation; that of the interest of taking your time ...

The brand also pushes its concept to the end, notably by declining a collection of candles burning at different speeds, offered to the first 50 customers of its e-commerce and by creating at the same time a podcast channel called “Cheeky Interviews” to tell sensuality through testimonies.

A brand that builds on its DNA

Through this first communication campaign, Impatience stands out in a very competitive environment as a brand unlike any other. By playing on several tables, the brand manages to play with ambivalence while establishing a real personality. If he does not beat around the bush, the lingerie designer manages to subtly stage emotions and thus establishes himself as a privileged partner of sensuality. By using one of the many features of Youtube in an unprecedented and relevant way, the brand surprises and perfectly integrates the Internet user into the intimacy presented.

A success for a first campaign that is at the same time frank, poetic, and above all rich in meaning.

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