For the past twenty years, Stéphanie REYNES, psychosociologist, has been supporting people with changes, whether professional or personal. In this book, Stéphanie REYNES helps to become aware of her potential and thus learn to highlight it during the job search, thanks to a step-by-step method in three steps :

  • Gain self-confidence
  • Anticipate recruiters' expectations and objections
  • Master the techniques of job search


These three stages are illustrated by the story of a meeting, that of Mr. Veubausset and his job search advisor (Stéphanie REYNES).

Mr. Veubausset worked for many years in the same company then he was laid off economically. Divided between several feelings: anger, anguish, anxiety, he lost his confidence and does not know where to start: CV, call, cover letter ...

As the discussions progressed, Mr. Veubausset regained his self-confidence, regained his optimism and his desire to find a job. His advisor allows him and allows you to control the rules of recruitment, the keys to success and Ithe tools necessary for optimizing applications.

Twelve keys that allow you to go from Curriculum Vitae to telephone or physical interview.

« Don't miss your chance to find a smile and a job in stride! " thanks to " This job is for me »By Stéphanie REYNES, to be found in store and online at GERESO editions.

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