Wednesday January 14, insurance comparator in France launched its latest advertising campaign.

"Before rushing, it is better to compare"

Four videos, exclusively broadcast on Youtube will be uploaded.

The first is car insurance. A hitchhiker must choose between two motorists, with different paces and cars.

To make his choice, the hitchhiker goes to the driver who seems most responsible. Problem, once on board appearances turn out to be deceptive and the driver behaves irresponsibly and dangerously.

Two messages are then displayed on the screen: "Before rushing, it is better to compare" we then see the second driver (who did not inspire confidence in the hitchhiker) adopt a calm and safe driving, before reading “Compare, Choose, Insure”.

With this short and offbeat video, Assurland chooses humor and offers a simple and effective spot. We just have to wait to see the other three videos that will be published between February and November 2015.


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