> What if the zombies invade us? This is what the Sky Austria television channel wanted us to believe for the release of season 5 of The walking dead.

The Walking Dead zombies attack bus shelters

Zombies aren't just on TV. Indeed, The Walking Dead arrives in the bus shelters and tries to make us spend a bad quarter of an hour! It is thanks to an augmented reality image well installed in the panels of several bus shelters that the Sky Austria channel was able to trap passers-by. While they quietly wait for the bus, zombies are sticking their noses through the window! A thrilling experience. For a few moments passers-by think they are being pursued by a zombie: fear guaranteed, even more so than on TV!

And as the release of the new season of The Walking Dead gives the idea, Century 21 in partnership with the Mullen agency in Boston, have imagined and are reselling on ebay the perfect protection kit against zombies! Too bad our passers-by could not get hold of such materials.

Zombies larger than life!

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