In order to be displayed alongside supporters of the France team, the newspaper L'Équipe has decided to launch a petition so that the day of the final is exceptionally a public holiday.

A petition to the President

The newspaper L'Équipe, sports journalistic reference in France, seeks to strengthen its positioning as a sports relay and to be seen as the privileged brand of the French to share the pleasure.

With this in mind, the BBD Paris agency has organized a campaign around a petition to make July 15 a holiday. Addressed to the President of the Republic and his government, the petition is intended in a good-natured spirit, reflecting the sporting spirit conveyed by the newspaper L'Équipe.

To distribute this petition, the agency and the brand have thought about the best ways to reach as many people as possible. It is therefore possible to sign it on the website of the team but also, in a more original way, on posters of bus shelters.

The 2 Team

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