COINHOUSE launches the “Interest-free Shop” with Marcel: the site that allows you to discover all the incredibly uninteresting objects that you can afford with the interest of your savings book.

The French and savings, it's a love story that has lasted for more than 200 years with the creation of the Livret A. A love not totally reciprocal because if the French are very generous in terms of savings - we estimate more than 100 billion euros the savings present on the Livret A, the LDDS and the one that sleeps on our current accounts - this savings does not return them a hundredfold. The Livret A for example, despite all its advantages, today only brings in a meager 0,5% per year, its lowest rate since its creation. Less than the inflation rate in France.

This is what COINHOUSE, French expert in crypto-assets since 2015, wanted to recall in a campaign imagined by the Marcel agency, in order to invite the French to diversify their savings. On the site, Internet users can calculate the interest that a 0,5% investment has generated during the year 2020. They then discover a whole range of objects with questionable utility that they can afford with these interests: a magnificent hand spinner, a state-of-the-art thrifty, a sumptuous snow globe… Because obviously, with 0,5% interest, we don't get very far.

The site also informs Internet users of the capital gain they could have achieved over the same period if they had invested the same amount in Bitcoin with Coinhouse. And the result has the merit of making you think. Take a sum of € 1000 for example: deposited in a livret A in January 2020, she fell asleep peacefully and woke up a year later with 5 small euros in interest. Invested in Bitcoin, it generated over the same period a capital gain of € 2 * before taxes.

“We are not here to divert the French from their preferred placement. We are aimed at investors looking for a diversification solution, who are ready to take risks on a small part of their investments and who already have a natural curiosity for Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. This campaign is a wink and a pretext to get them to consider Coinhouse as an alternative player for the diversification of their savings. »Explains Nicolas Louvet, CEO of Coinhouse.

The site also recalls that if “cryptos” can bring in a lot, investing in crypto-assets is not without risk. Hence the importance of being well accompanied. With Coinhouse, individuals, professionals, insiders or beginners can invest in crypto-assets while benefiting from expert advice and securing their funds with the most advanced technological devices on the market (relying, among other things, on solutions professionals from the French company Ledger).

“We are very happy with this first collaboration with Coinhouse because they are very similar to us:“ game changers ”whose ambition is to change the situation on the market. We were chosen for our expertise on new economy brands (Back Market, ManoMano, Spotify, Deliveroo, Heetch, etc.) without competition from agencies. This allowed us to put all of our time and energy into what we do best: the good job! This gives birth to a funny, offbeat and, hopefully, formidably effective campaign. »Youri Guerassimov and Gaëtan Du Peloux, Executive Creative Directors of Marcel.

If today less than 6% of French people have already invested in crypto-assets, Coinhouse hopes to convert those, more and more, who are considering it as part of the diversification of their savings but have not yet taken the plunge, and reach 1 million customers by the end of 2021.

The campaign will be visible in print and digital from July 20.

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