In this new campaign, Contrex strengthens its positioning by communicating more about its slogan "we would get thinner if it were more fun". The message and the target were acquired thanks to highly targeted and always more original communication actions. Today, the brand is unveiling a series of prints that will make us burn calories.

The greatest ally of thinness

The creatives of Agence Marcel imagined for this campaign, a slimming map of Paris, which would indicate locations for small pleasures, which would burn calories. From the dancefloor to the shopping marathon through a romantic stroll, all the activities are good to keep the line, while having fun.

CounterxA series of prints has been designed to reinforce this card. Placed throughout Paris, these posters are only visible in the districts mentioned on the map. An originality focused on the location of activities, and which can strengthen the marathon spirit of the campaign.

Flashy pink, featuring photos of young women in their thirties (for the most part) taken "on the spot", these posters necessarily speak to the brand's targets. A very well conducted communication campaign, bringing together the elements for success: a unique and powerful message, originality and above all, being adapted to the target.

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