How to know everything about SEO?

We hear about it every day, without knowing how it works: SEO. SEO is a set of techniques that optimize visibility on the web.

How to do ? What to do ? When? Help !

The goal of webmasters, project managers, developers or individuals wishing to create a website is to be visible! SEO is practical, but setting it up effectively is not always easy. You have questions and that's normal… Digital technology is constantly evolving, and all of the information on SEO is not always available to us.

“By the time I had managed to find all the answers, all the questions changed…” Paulo COELHO, Maktub, 1994.

Olivier Andrieu, anxious to transmit clear and up-to-date information, offers in his book “SEO in 500 questions” a fun question / answer system. The French specialist in natural referencing and visibility on search engines such as Google or Bing, offers you real SEO training, by briefly answering all the questions you are likely to ask yourself.

And if the answers do not seem complete enough to you, many references are recommended, for example, videos to learn more. So you have no more excuses, it's up to you. Come travel through this book, make pleasant or even unpleasant discoveries. Finally, it is also what becoming an SEO expert, anticipating obstacles to better face them.

Obviously, it is possible that you have other questions, you can write them directly to Olivier Andrieu. There are sometimes several versions of the same book! Even if for "SEO in 500 questions", the title should be changed if questions are added ...

“SEO in 500 Questions - All About SEO! »By Olivier Andrieu is published by Editions EYROLLES, and available at a price of 22 €.

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