Can we compare the manager to the samurai? Yes, since the manager seeks to adopt codes of ethics highlighting the virtues of the samurai: « honesty, courage, kindness and loyalty. "

The manager always wants to learn to perfect and improve his techniques in order to best manage his team. The samurai himself, is never satisfied with the present state to go beyond the acquired.

Employees expect a lot from a manager, beyond exciting missions, they are primarily looking for personal development to find meaning in the work they do. The manager must therefore find a balance between working for the well-being of others and himself feeling good at work, we are talking about a managerial innovation work that aims to recreate the link to allow everyone to express while ensuring group cohesion.

Christine Benoit, former director of healthcare establishments and specialist in communication, personal development and entrepreneurship, therefore decided to create the book The samurai manager to promote an unprecedented management technique and lead the manager towards the path of the warrior. With the aim of guiding readers, the author offers several chapters describing the attitude of the samurai manager when faced with an event or a state of mind. Immersive content aimed at all managers wishing to progress, taking into account the values ​​and virtues of the samurai.


Make your teams want to engage with you by ensuring human dignity, cooperation and the quality of interpersonal relationships, show kindness to succeed and make your team succeed. In short, become a real management samurai!


Come and discover the book "Le manager samouraï" by Christine Benoit in store and online published by GERESO.

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