35 years ago, Coluche had "a small idea that was not to last": Les Restos du Cœur. For his 36st winter campaign, the association is setting up yet another appeal for donations, and takes the opportunity to question the very essence of its existence by questioning the genesis of its creation. The film "A small idea which should not last", is diffused on TF1 since Tuesday November 24 on the television screens, on the occasion of the beginning of the winter season, thus signs a return to the sources, more than ever pregnant in this more than special health period.

A reminder of the necessary objectives

By creating the Restos du Cœur in 1985, Coluche's goal was to help and provide voluntary assistance to disadvantaged people, particularly in the food sector through access to free meals for people in need, through participation in their social and economic integration as well as action against poverty in all its forms.

The objective that Coluche had given himself at the base was to provide a temporary solution so that there were no more applicants. After 35 years of existence, the time has therefore come to take stock for the association and its volunteers. And unfortunately, we see that, far from decreasing, the rate of beneficiaries is changing, and all the more so at the heart of the health and economic crisis that we are experiencing in France.

A call for donations in the form of a call for help

The health crisis and its economic consequences have in fact considerably increased the number of people seeking food aid. So, more than an advertising campaign aimed at reminding us that it is still there, Les Restos du cœur sends us here a real cry for help, under the guise of recalling the reasons for its existence. It is through a film designed by the Brand Station and Change agencies, directed by BRBR and produced by Birth broadcast on TF1 that the association imagined a utopian scenario, almost surfing on self-mockery.

The film makes you imagine an ideal world where no one would need the help of Restos du Cœur and its volunteers, who, in this ideal world precisely, would be bored of no longer finding beneficiaries. This "utopian" world in an empty parking lot surprises you with its quirky and almost counter-sensing side: while the scene may seem sad, showing a little disillusioned volunteers, it turns out to be a real plea in favor of situation which unfortunately remains an ideal for everyone. Indeed, the day that this will happen is that there will be no more people to help and that the social situation of the country will then have improved in favor of the poorest. A dream however quickly reduced to nothing by the conclusion of the film which brings us back to earth. By announcing that today, nearly 10 million people live below the poverty line in France. A return to reality which is admittedly quite violent, but which is nevertheless not without hope thanks to the use in the background of the voice of Coluche and the music of the restaurants of the heart, as a sign that the objectives of the departure, but above all the hopes… still resonate through the ages and are still in order.

In a context of health crisis widening inequalities and increasing the isolation of the most precarious, the Restos du cœur reveal to us a poignant campaign which succeeds in the challenge of bringing gentleness and hope while staging a serious situation . More solicited than ever (The French association expects to receive a million beneficiaries this year for the winter season, which started on Tuesday, November 24 in the midst of the health and economic crisis linked to Covid-19), the association indeed recalls that "more than ever, it relies on us" and that it is much more than an incarnation of its founder. A grassroots association, working alongside the most disadvantaged every day, it reminds us above all that its objective has not changed: every day, thousands of volunteers who, taking over from a very simple idea at the start, work on service of the common good but which in fact have only one goal: to no longer exist.


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