Work, family life, moments of relaxation ... FF Paris illustrates the daily life of a couple with a busy day in 2 films directed by Eric Morales. 

soc gen principal 1

soc gen box thai 2

24-hour days are sometimes not enough. Societe Generale speaks with FF Paris and represents its position as an innovative bank, close to the daily life of its customers by illustrating this overloaded daily life filled with unforeseen circumstances.

Today at 13 p.m., a mother has to go to her daughter's high school for a meeting with the principal. Bad luck, at the same time, there is also her acupuncture session, the work involved, the colleagues who want to celebrate her birthday .. In short, a day that does not really give time to breathe.

In the other film, it is about a father; It is 18 pm and he is at his Thai boxing training but it is also at 18 pm that the contract must be signed with his lawyer, a nanny problem and the delivery of the groceries which is in advance. This does not really give these two people the time to go to a Société Générale branch simply for a daily banking question.

Through these two films, Société Générale seeks to promote its application with its service to optimize the time devoted to banking matters. Obviously, nothing is faster than writing your question on the application and submitting it to Société Générale. Even better, they only take 30 minutes to answer you on Twitter ! A saving of time which we cannot do without.

These 2 new films relayed digitally are supported by an educational display campaign.

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