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Facing climate change!

With a view to the next Climate Conference to be held in Paris in December, and so that the French are the first actors in the fight against climate change, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation is launching, on March 12, in collaboration with the Havas agency Paris, My Positive Impact, a national mobilization campaign that will allow each citizen to concretely support solutions for the climate and thus have a positive impact on the planet.

The My Positive Impact mobilization campaign took the side oforganize the positive encounter between two worlds : those who have solutions for the climate but who do not have visibility and public opinion, who does not have a solution for the climate, but who has a unique power, the vote.

It thus offers submit 100 innovative and “replicable” climate initiatives to the vote of Internet users, selected by a jury of experts and developed by SMEs, communities and associations in the key areas of housing, transport, food, energy, land use, citizenship, property and services. From March 12, the general public will then be invited to vote for the initiatives that convince them the most. At the end of the day, the votes will be given a whole new value… and will be transformed into spaces in the media. Thanks to generous media and non-media partners, the solutions most popular with Internet users will indeed be offered their own media relay campaign (press relations and media spaces) to gain what they lack the most: stature, notoriety , credibility and consideration. To the general public, My Positive Impact gives the opportunity to vote “useful”, to discover and take seriously the solutions for the climate and in fine, to decide which ones they want to give media visibility. Beyond the vote, the My Positive Impact platform will bring together all the support messages, content and key themes on climate change.

"We were inspired by the codes of crowdfunding to create here a participatory crowdadvertising device" explains Christophe Coffre, President in charge of the creation of the Havas Paris agency. “Everyone will be able to become a climate citizen and gain visibility for one or more ecological solutions while inviting their friends to join the movement. On the basis of this idea, the device will be launched and deployed thanks to multiple contents and on many channels to mobilize as many people as possible. An idea, a participatory platform, viral videos, a TV film, a press and poster campaign, events… we are far from a classic campaign. "

Convinced that negative messages and pessimism hinder action and anxious to be in line with the ambitions of the Paris Climate 2015 Conference which wants to be the “Conference of solutions”, Havas Paris has broken the codes of advertising campaigns. general interest in proposing a offbeat, humorous and positive storytelling.

At the same time funny, silent and surprising, the TV movie (30 'and 60 ′) features 4 people in a situation of great danger, to whom a loved one or an anonymous person tries to help… but they dodge or reject the solution. In voice-over, Nicolas Hulot challenges the viewer and pushes him directly to act: « What if we finally take seriously those who can save us? Give power to those who have solutions for the climate, by voting on www.mypositiveimpact.org ». The stories, the images of cinematographic essence (Victor Carrey), the rhythm, the sound (original music by Ignacio and Ferando Mastretta Rodriguez), all combine to give this succession of burlesque sketches a particular coloring, which will not fail to emerge. distinguish in the conformist advertising tunnels of the small screen.https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n0oxnliacino7z1/AABOaQOFO0LjU1tXx4hTt9Nha?dl=0

The web, mobile, press and poster campaigns as well as the radio spots are based on a logic of teasing to encourage all citizens to give their voice and use the collective force of the vote. Participatory messages invite citizens to commit to the climate but also to decide on the publicity they want to give to a company, a community or an association. Clear, a blank page will invest these media " Here soon an advertisement that you will have chosen ».

It will then be up to the Havas Paris agency to imagine the print, display, web and mobile campaigns for the 10 winning solutions.

"With the My Positive Impact campaign, we want to demonstrate that solutions exist and that they must be valued so that they are no longer exceptions but impose themselves as absolute standards. The future of our children is at stake. Everyone can and must contribute to this positive dynamic. We all have, as citizens, a role to play and our massive mobilization can encourage States to make the next international climate conference a historic moment ”, Nicolas Hulot, special envoy of the President of the Republic for the protection of the planet and founding President of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation.

Recall that according to the recent published study by Havas-Paris-Ipsos the 11 last February, 77% of French people say they are personally worried about climate change. Faced with these concerns, the French have a feeling of urgency (52%) and feel the need for mobilization (30%). Convinced that there is power to act, 88% believe that innovative solutions exist to reduce the impact of climate change at the collective level and 71% that they can act personally, to contribute to the reduction of the impact of climate change. 91% of people questioned feel that the next COP21 in France is a real chance to reach the signing of an agreement, that it is beneficial to the influence of France (90%) and its companies (91%) but also that it will make it possible to sensitize the French to the fight against climate change (93%).


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