This is the new promotional campaign that we see everywhere in the transport networks in Paris. Nouvelle Aquitaine is doing everything it can to attract tourists this summer. This is not a new concept for the beautiful region, which has already deployed a few campaigns since 2017. A new success? We do not doubt it!

During this health crisis, the regions suffered greatly from the lack of tourism. So this summer, the holidays are sacred, and in New Aquitaine, it's better. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Tourism Committee targets Ile-de-France residents for the spring-summer holidays by creating an attractive new campaign.

This campaign has more than one trick up its sleeve, we are talking about different waves of promotion in the metro, TV campaigns, dedicated “street marketing” operations, and even recourse to “influencers”. The region sees things big! Because, if current events do not allow the lookout for tourists, the region relies heavily on post-containment to save its territory.

But, why is this campaign mainly broadcast in stations or the metro? The answer is simple, around 4 million travelers take the metro per day in Paris. The health crisis has not had such an impact on this flow… since until now, the Parisian population has mainly worked face-to-face. Metro stations or train platforms are the busiest places in Paris, because Paris is big and getting around Paris by car is long. This is already a good point for Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

What can we discover through this campaign?

A wide choice of discovering the territory, close-ups of the essential places of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the promotion of visits to sites such as the Jardins de Sothys in Corrèze, the invitation to do a Terra Aventura in Paris to discover the territory. In short, a real light on this region with a strong heritage.


What about you, what does this proactive approach to support the neo-Aquitaine tourism sector mean to you? A desire for elsewhere?

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