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The latest barometer from the strategy and management consulting firm Kea & Partners with the French population shows the privileged place taken by the company in the values ​​of our fellow citizens. To be considered by executives and business leaders, even if the results of the 2014 barometer also invite them to improve their practices, especially in terms of communication with their employees.

Allied to the Barrett Value Center, Kea & Partners has been inviting the French, since 2012, to name the values ​​to which they are most attached, whether in society in general, their business, or their family. Using a questionnaire administered by the OpinionWay research institute, Kea & Partners carries out a barometer which measures the evolution of these values, personal or collective over time, and compares them in their different environments.

A key indicator of the barometer is the rate of cultural entropy. It measures the rate of negative values ​​compared to all the values ​​cited by respondents. The higher this rate, the less coherence and collective effectiveness of the surveyed population.

With a cultural entropy rate of 66% in 2014, the Kea & Partners barometer confirms the deep disarray of French society, the strongest in Europe and almost unique at this level in the world. On the other hand, the barometer shows that the company has become the privileged place of "living together" for the French, with a cultural entropy rate of 23%. This means that when they talk about their business, almost 8 out of 10 cited values ​​are positive.

In fact, for three years now, the French have declared that they experience much more positive values ​​in business than in society in general. Teamwork, the search for results and customer satisfaction are 3 of the flagship values ​​of the culture of French companies! These values ​​give meaning to the work of the French and attenuate the general disarray in society.

The 2014 Kea & Partners barometer also reveals many common values ​​in companies between men and women. The only notable differences between the sexes: men tend to put forward values ​​such as confidence and efficiency, while women give priority to values ​​such as adaptability and respect for the human person.

The study shows that these great positive values ​​in business are shared by both young and old alike. Even if the representatives of the famous generation Y logically have different expectations from their elders ...

The comparative analysis of the results in the private and public sectors shows that the culture of public enterprises is more difficult to live with than that of the private sector (a higher rate of cultural entropy). This gap can be explained in part by the size of the companies because the private companies are in their great majority small companies where cultural coherence is easier to achieve. However, customer satisfaction is unfortunately not a value cited as a priority in public companies, the employees of these companies rather agreeing on the need to correct the relationship climate ...

The Kea & Partners barometer also points to notable differences in the way you perceive the corporate culture, whether you are a manager or an employee ...

"The barometer confirms the wishes of the French: they are interested in more communication and more recognition and trust from their hierarchy, especially in large companies", observes Philippe Mondan, associate director, in charge of study at Kea & Partners.

7 key tips for business leaders emerge from the 2014 Kea & Partners barometer:

  • Regularly measure the culture of their company.
  • Introduce more dialogue to more easily identify the brakes internally.
  • Clarify the direction of the company, its mission and its commitments to all its stakeholders.
  • Rely even more on middle management to transmit and enrich the vision and mission of the company.
  • Show by example, being the guarantor of the company's values.
  • Be aware that the health of a company's culture is a guarantee of the effectiveness of its strategy.
  • And finally, stay positive, because even if we can always do better, the company is based, especially in France, on individuals who share positive values ​​promoting their commitment.

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