The association Doctor of the world allies with the agency Marcel for its new campaign named "It will reach you".

Health for all, wherever it is!

Who is referred to as "she"?

Health of course! This is presented as an individual who goes out to meet everyone no matter where the person is. Health is a fundamental right for everyone. This is the message of this new campaign and the very essence of the association's action.

Absolute evidence which is not yet trivialized. The purpose of this communication is therefore to reveal and act. The subject discussed resonates even more with the health context of Covid-19 which weakened the institutions and widened the already strong inequalities.

The association, which has been working for 40 years in France and in more than 39 countries around the world, is committed to treating the most vulnerable populations. She also wishes to shed light on the weaknesses of world governments in terms of the resources allocated to universal health. In particular today where the means offered are strongly questioned ...

“If disease strikes indiscriminately, then we will defend health in the same way. "

Not a simple advertisement ...

This multi-channel campaign will be broadcast on television, on social networks but also through impactful poster work.



This film and the production work were initiated by Jessy Moussalem from production Phantasm. It was supported by Julien Poupard who devotes himself to photography and was also named for the César Award for Best Cinematography for Les Misérables. Supported by the Marcel agency, these two creatives highlight the fact that a disease spares no one, but Médecin du Monde, they too, do not forget anyone.

In the continuity of this choice of truth and transparency, the individuals appearing in the campaign are not simple actors, but real people in real life situations. This is not a staging but a daily life that may, for us Europeans seem blurry, but know that even in Europe and in particular in France many people are in precarious or even critical situations in the 'Health care access.

The images thus reveal the face and identity of those who tirelessly fight for medical justice.

To support them and help the association reach more people, you can make a donation: Your donations make our actions (

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