"Emmaüs Défi" highlights the challenge, for each object, of staying alive. An object that remains is a human being who holds on and gets up. This is the message of the new advertising campaign, broadcast in Paris, supported by the agency MullenLowe Group et creation school on 4. A project like the subsidiary ofEmmaus France : collaborative!


A laboratory for social innovations.

Created in 2007, following the social crisis of the Canal St-Martin where dozens of homeless people have pitched their tents there to alert the public authorities to the ineffectiveness of integration programs. At the time, they were too focused on emergency accommodation and not on a program of real long-term integration. It is therefore on this last point, the search for sustainability, that the association is expressed. This involves multiple social actions, in particular on finding a place in a system where legislation is still too exclusive. The association works on obtaining decent housing and a return to work. They define themselves as a "Laboratory of social innovations », The very essence of which is to offer new skills, to gain confidence in a company that has flouted more than one. The goal is to revive the dignity of each person by revalorizing the person as he is and his already existing skills. We all have to contribute: a benevolent look, a helping hand, clothes, objects… The transmission of the object, whatever it is, is the transmission of support through time. A donation, like that of a simple chair, can support a person in his job search or his reconstruction. Giving is also giving a little of yourself and your energy.


For a circular and virtuous system!

The association, which has now expanded, carries out numerous partnerships with companies or even public authorities, with an objective of equality and especially of Sustainability. Indeed, this communication campaign, simple but effective, highlights the circular pattern and virtuous of the association which is defined as such: “The reuse of objects in the service of employment. ". This is all the symbolism of this operation! You should also know that many people in precarious situations work for Emmaüs Défi, in the recovery and recovery of objects. The association, through this type of job, gives a way to find oneself, to find a daily life, to find a situation and above all to find the means to express one's personality. By doing this, by reworking an item that has been given, they too are giving a little of themselves. This is where the origin and beauty of a circular system and smart !


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