As a preview of the open doors planned in honor of the release of the C4 Picasso 2, from June 14 to 17, Citroën is launching the first advertisement for the new car in a video spot, while weightless.

June 1, 2013 the famous car brand aired its latest video spot, showing its new C4 Picasso 2 in the air.

A technological and spacious interior:

In the film, we see two cosmonauts enclosing the entire earth in the vehicle, to show both the space and the technological wealth of its interior. It is indeed very equipped, offering the reversing camera, a new 100% touch-screen driving interface with in particular a 12 '' HD screen or the connected application portal, Multicity Connect. The choice to put the car in the cosmos is also a nod to its panoramic glass roof offering a view of the stars.

In these images, where lightness is the order of the day, the agency H, at the origin of this advertisement, was therefore able to highlight the attractive features of the model, and supports the concept at the end of the spot with a slogan clear and perfectly illustrating: "The whole world in your car".

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