Putting the benefits of Ayurveda within the reach of consumers through a complete range of infusions, golden milks, food supplements, spices and massage oils, this is the ambition of Fitoform, a family business based in Provence. To design and market this new range intended mainly for organic stores (Biocoop, Natureo, Elan Nature, Marcel et fils, Botanic, etc.), Fitoform called on the marketing agency " Ciliabule "For the concept and the marketing strategy, and to the communication agency" Noise on the balcony »For branding and packaging.

Fitoform's marketing concept: "Ayurveda adapted to our lifestyles and desires"

What bridges can be established between a thousand-year-old Indian tradition and an urban Ayurveda aimed at a plural target made up both of consumers initiated into Ayurvedic practices but also of attentive organic consumers, who wish to discover another way of life?

Ciliabule's marketing reflection made it possible to position this new Ayurvedic range under the promise "Ayurveda adapted to our lifestyles and desires!" »And to make his practice accessible and compatible with current lifestyles.


Also, Ciliabule has placed at the center of its strategy the importance of understanding the plural innovation of this range which includes both food supplements, spices, cosmetics and infusions, while highlighting the benefits to 360. ° of the brand: organic products without additives, atypical self-diagnostic method via “doshas” as well as global support in nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle. A real marketing challenge!


A complete sales system: from the brand speech to the graphic identity of the products

Support on the construction of product ranges, development of the brand's speech, call for tenders for the communication agency, development of the launch mechanism, design of sales, promotion and communication tools, all of the projects taken into account commissioned by the Ciliabule agency which designed a complete marketing system capitalizing on proximity, education and support.

The agency Du Bruit au Balcon created the brand territory, declined the different packaging, packshot and communication media: a sales display, an advisory guide for the choice of products, tools to help with sales for the sales team, a motion design film, etc.



A strong brand territory of Fitoform: the thousand-year-old Indian tradition adapted to today's consumers

The objective of the creative work was to embody the brand's promise, faithful to the millennial Ayurvedic philosophy, while projecting it into the expectations of today's consumers. To build the Jardin Veda brand territory, the challenge consisted of making several elements coexist conceptually and graphically.

  • Ancestral visual markers linked to Ayurveda and India: ethnic typography, ornaments and a stylized pictogram by dosha represented by a color whatever the product.
  • Codes proving the extreme naturalness of the range, Fitoform's recognized expertise (floral mandala, in-depth work to highlight ORGANIC and SANS concepts, testifying to the absence of any element other than the products themselves)
  • A marked design corresponding to an urban target (flat of current colors without gradation, secondary typefaces, main entry of packs by the benefit brought to the consumer etc.).



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