La Cultura Foundation yesterday launched advertising posters to promote its daily action. Its commitment so that “everyone has (it) right to culture” is based on the support of educational and social projects with a strong cultural dimension.

Culture for all!


The Cultura Foundation, launched in 2011 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, aims to help all people removed from culture for economic, social or physical reasons. Its missions are mainly based on volunteering to facilitate access and dissemination of culture to the most disadvantaged.


This advertising campaign, entrusted to the care of the STJOHN'S agency, highlights the objectives of the foundation. The short texts, amusing moreover, show us the reasons for the foundation's action and the strength of its commitment.

The formatting of the posters is rudimentary and corresponds to what access to culture is for a large number of people. The quotes presented in the text emphasize the vital importance of culture. The message is as clear as the Cultura corporate slogan: "jubilee spirit" through culture.


The General Delegate of the Cultura Foundation, Nathalie KLOCHENDLER, said in this regard: “Through aphorisms and a tone of its own, the Foundation defends a culture that is both emancipatory and uninhibited, open and jubilant. In short, a culture accessible to all, for the happiness of all ”.


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