Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Defense, visited the navy lounges on Thursday 22 January to officially launch the new recruitment campaign for the French Navy.

Produced in collaboration with the Havas Paris agency, for a period of three years and under the slogan "Take a step towards your future", this is the third campaign since 2009.

"The new campaign promotes the profession of seafarer and sends a strong message to the public of future candidates for recruitment: whatever their educational level and their motivations, each young person can find their place in the Navy and choose from among the fifty or so professions offered. , the one who will give meaning to his future ”explains Captain Marc Pouly (head of the Navy recruiting service).

In fact, the French Navy's objective in 2015 is to recruit and train up to 3000 sailors aged 16 to 29, with an educational level ranging from 3rd to Bac + 5.

The advertising campaign is available on several media

The creation of films accompanied by new visuals allows the Navy to be present in the media, television, cinema, internet and posters.


The two 30-second long version (and 15-second short version) spots were produced by William Armstrong within operational units.

Filmed under the concept "you are here, you could be there", we see an alternation between moments of everyday life and moments of immersion in the four major forces of the French Navy (boats, submarines, planes and helicopters as well as commandos Marine).

This "rocker" system is used so that spectators can more easily project themselves into the professions of the Navy.



Three prints, depicting the watertight doors of ships on the walls of the rooms of teenagers or young adults were produced.

Depending on the poster, we find the codes of the masculine, feminine or rather neutral universe.


On the internet, banners will be broadcast. In addition, the advertising videos are available on Dailymotion and Youtube, and as indicated on the posters and films, interested candidates can inquire on the site.

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