The famous luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent has created an eyeshadow palette in the colors of the Social Facebook network.

Dubbed “Devoted to fans # 1 ″, the palette was made exclusively for fans of the brand that has a strong presence on the social platform.

Yves Saint Laurent is carrying out an entirely digital campaign.

The luxury brand has understood that it is necessary to pamper its faithful who make its success. To thank them, Yves Saint Laurent carried out a campaign intended only for his fans.

In collaboration with Tigerly, a social marketing specialist, the brand has designed this limited edition blue “Facebook” case. Only a few fans will be able to order the famous new product on the Yves Saint Laurent Frangances & Beauty Facebook page.

Tigerly has also planned an application to register on a waiting list. Always closer to its followers, the brand will offer its fans to post a photo of their makeup to obtain testimonials. Set up in France, this operation is also organized in the United Kingdom and the United States.

For the first time, a luxury brand pays tribute to its fans by exclusively dedicating the first real social product to them. Facebook appreciates this association with Yves Saint Laurent, which had already aroused the interest of the brand's loyalists by offering around fifty palettes to the most responsive fans.

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