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"Awaken your body to new sensations"

When Geppetto meets Peugeot ...

The little city-dweller of Peugeot reappears with a signed TV campaign BETC. A campaign that revisits the very famous tale "Pinocchio" in a very modern way.

We discover, then, a robot which becomes human thanks to the new physical sensations he feels at the wheel of the Peugeot 208. In this way, the little man's heart comes alive when he starts the car and the automaton s get away for a ride full of emotions ...

It is only at the end of the spot that we identify the robot: it is Pinocchio! At this moment, we guess that the creator of the car is Geppetto, the robot goes back to sleep and its nose lengthens. This connotation has a double meaning, on the one hand Pinocchio denies the fact that he took the car during the sleep of its creator and on the other hand Pinocchio is jubilant with pleasure after driving the Peugeot 208, which is why his nose lengthens, which again refers to the slogan: "Awaken your body to new sensations"

There are also other references to Carlo Collodi's tale; the white light that wakes up the automaton refers to Pinocchio's fairy godmother or even the presence of a donkey mask, symbol of what Pinocchio transforms himself into for not having gone to school.

The famous French car manufacturer delivers a poetic advertising spot, especially since the music is by Jabberwocky

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