On the occasion of the new Meetic campaign, which promotes the beauty of the meeting between two people, we will come back to the creation of this French company which was initially a start-up and which is today a leading European group in its market. We are going to decipher this company, without a bad pun, mythical, which knew how to understand its time and its challenges, for itself to propose new possibilities and uses. However, the latter raise many deep and sociological questions.

Tailor-made love

The Dating Site Meetic highlights with its slogan "Start Something Real" commitment, truth, and the will to create a love story. The brand wants to highlight the true stories, sincere and beautiful. Those that mark and build a person. After almost 20 years of existence, the company is so famous and known that its name has become common and trivialized in our language: "We are not on Meetic here…".

A precursor of love 2.0

Appeared at the same time as the 2.0 web says the social web, that is to say in the 2000s, Meetic was inspired by this idea of ​​bringing together and creating links via the Internet. The company was therefore able to adapt very early on to the challenges of this new tool and to surf the cultural uses that it generated. It is also Meetic who participated in making the principle of dating expanded to speed-dating, created a few years earlier in the United States. This principle was originally intended for Jewish communities to promote intra-community exchanges.

Meetic is thus illustrated as a precursor of the first dating sites, social networks and these new ways of finding love. Many other companies developed in the years that followed and were inspired by the marketing initiated by Meetic. It must be admitted, the brand works and develops its communication in a remarkable way!

It always stands out from its competitors with a simple and human reputation that is not meant to be frivolous or fickle. The key word is commitment!

Meetic goes even further by offering real support and guidance in this process of encountering love. For example, they offer advice articles, means of automatically filtering profiles that do not correspond, events and workshops specially organized to promote meetings and exchanges between singles.

The company now present in almost all of Europe, has extended its services and wished to represent all the diversity of love. This was done with the establishment of dating sites dedicated to all: heterosexuals, homosexuals, seniors, etc.

We are almost 8 billion on earth, and Meetic prides itself on having formed 8 million couples on this one. The platform works on the beauty of chance and the synchronicities specific to love.

A profitable algorithm all the same!

On Meetic, registration is free however to go further in the exchanges and discussions the person must take out a subscription. This is described by the brand as the first form of 'engagement'. A commitment to love or simply financial?

It is on this point (of being a paid platform) that other free applications are gaining notoriety. These do not of course have the reputation and strength of Meetic, but they do offer 100% free access.

The fact of making access to meetings and exchanges paid, isn't it also a way of filtering and seeing those who are really ready to invest to find love?

Love is an investment already of oneself, but in this case also financial. It is one of the faults of our society which is to think that if we cannot find the love of our life, we have necessarily missed it. This social flaw is therefore profitable, because many people are ready to commit a lot of means to obtain the couple of their dreams without necessarily waiting for a spontaneous meeting. Regarding waiting and this relationship to time, this has also evolved with social relationships. No more time to wait, everything goes quickly, everything is "digitalized", including human relationships.

In addition, to have access to this panel of meeting possibilities, it is also necessary for the individual to have a smartphone, tablet or computer as well as an Internet connection. Therefore, love still comes at a price!

However, according to a study carried out by the brand's care for the release of their last communication campaign, only 63% of their singles are looking for a concrete and long-term story. What to do with the remaining 37% who pay for Meetic's services, but who do not share the platform's initial values?

They are surely very useful to contribute to the financing of the new campaign surrounded by big names. Indeed, it is created in collaboration with Marcel agency and directed by Spanish directors Jason Cause and Alba Solé, produced by the well-known Big Production.

Creator of beautiful stories

The script is simple and symbolizes the forward: this moment when we decide to find love, to want to share and to get involved. This moment that precedes the meeting where each one still has his own universe, but decides to open up. This moment, when two singles take the plunge to register on Meetic, where they exchange and finally meet. It is therefore at the beginning or even the beginnings of a love story that the campaign is interested in, highlighting all the functionalities and advantages of its application.

Online since December 26, 2020, this campaign will be broadcast in 8 countries in 8 different formats (radio, TV, web, etc.) of 60 seconds. Another nice synchronicity around the number 8, which will undoubtedly be profitable to them once again thanks to the sought-after and thought-out work of the brand.

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