To strengthen its positioning in the BXNUMXB market, the Aviva insurance group is launching a targeted and interactive e-mailing campaign.

Is there a garden gnome in front of your desk?

An email campaign is always difficult to conduct because the content is usually removed before it is read. It is always very important to control the key words of the message and especially the title of the email, which will make the recipient want to read it.

The CLM BBDO agency understood this principle well and used it in an interactive campaign for AVIVA. 300 emails were sent to professionals with the title "What is happening to [recipient address]". By opening the email, you are redirected to a dedicated web page which launches an interactive video.

The professional must enter his address, and thanks to Google Sreet View, he can see a horrible garden gnome attacking his street. The message at the end of the video: “A giant garden gnome is unlikely to destroy your workplace. This is why at AVIVA, our agents only offer you insurance adapted to the risks linked to your profession ”. The final message clearly marks Aviva's positioning: “You are professionals, too. "

Interactive advertising is more and more fashionable because it invites the user into the brand's universe from anywhere.

To live the experience:

Aviva 2

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