The “Media brand” web agency offers a solution that allows the creation of mobile sites integrating m-commerce and social networks.

The company is promoting its “Manoli” mobile CMS.

"Brand media" differentiates itself thanks to its new functions such as vertical navigation, geolocation, generator of QR Codes, social connectors, Click to Call / Mail-to, sending promotional SMS, setting up m-couponing, managing payment via PayPal or Buyster, create forms, offer contests ...

Media brand emphasizes the QR code. This high density two-dimensional barcode allows a large amount of information to be represented on a small area and thus allows the consumer to access a multitude of information.

The QR code also helps promote m-couponing. Large companies such as Décathlon, La Brioche Dorée, Super U have already used this service in 2011. By flipping the code, consumers are referred to a mobile site where they can download discount coupons. You just have to go to the cashier to benefit from the promotions.

The QR code is intended to be read by a barcode reader, a mobile phone, a smartphone, or even a webcam, it has the advantage of being able to easily trigger navigation to a mobile website, make a direct payment via his phone as well as add a virtual business card (vCard, MeCard).


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