The French Federation of Cardiology sets up an advertising spot and launches a warning message to all women.

fedecardioA warning message to women against cardiovascular disease

Through a 30-second film directed by actress and director Maïwenn, the French Federation of Cardiology alerts women and denounces the prejudices and preconceived ideas about cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death among women in France. Every day, 400 people die of cardiovascular diseases and in more than half of the cases, the victims are women.

Contrary to what one might think, cardiovascular disease does not only affect men and the number of young women affected is constantly increasing. These diseases are now the leading cause of death in women. This progression, which is unknown to the general public, can be explained in particular by the evolution of women's lifestyles over the past thirty years. The consumption of tobacco, unhealthy diet, stress, lack of physical exercise are all the more factors that cause this kind of illness.

The president of the FFC Claire Mounier-Vehier wanted to explain: "We need to fight the stigma and educate women that myocardial infarction is not a disease just for men." Stop prejudices and preconceived ideas!

Maïwenn sheds light on this fight through a thirty-second film, the objective of which is to make women aware that they can also be victims of cardiovascular disease. By denouncing prejudices, Maïwenn, the French Federation of Cardiology and The Gauls encourage them to take care of their heart and their arteries. This campaign will make it possible to mobilize women for screening by contacting the French Federation of Cardiology.

In their commercial, it is about an overweight man who runs out of steam on a dance floor while his partner skips happily. And yet, it is the woman who will be the victim ...

La FFC is also present on social networks such as Twitter with the hastag # HalteAuxPréjugés and on Facebook.

Don't wait any longer to take care of your heart. To learn more click here.

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