The use of digital is more and more common and affects more and more sectors. The latest innovation in advertising was carried out in Swedish subways by the hair brand Apotek Hjärtat.

A new digital campaign

This ad was created to highlight the brand's new flagship range, Apolosophy, with the following message: Make your hair come alive! The idea was therefore to make an interactive image to represent this promise to sell.

Using the digital screens of the Stockholm metro as supports, the Apotek Hjärtat brand offered passers-by videos that interact with the metro. As soon as an oar passes, the mannequin is disheveled.

The realization is rather bluffing. The woman in the center of the billboards is perfectly still, giving the impression of a simple poster. The surprise for passers-by is to see her take off her hair every time the metro passes.

This ephemeral campaign, which was to take place over 24 hours, was extended over 5 days by the agency which owns the advertising screens, Clear Channel Communication.

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