Epoka, is a corporate, HR and BtoB communication agency, which means that it offers complete expertise in the communication of companies, institutions, SMEs, start-ups and even schools.

During the TOP / COM Grands Prix Corporate Business on May 27 and 28, 2021, the agency received 6 awards:

The Grand Prize in the "EDITION" section with KEOLIS

The gold prize in the "DIGITALE" section with Saint-Gobain

The gold prize in the "CAMPAIGN" section with the French Red Cross

The silver award in the “HR RECRUITMENT” category with Kellogg's

The bronze prize in the “HR RECRUITMENT” category with KFC

The silver prize in the “INTERNAL COMMUNICATION” category with Véolia

“This very rich edition for Epoka with six prizes, including two in gold and a Grand Prix, helps to validate our fairly unique positioning on the market: independent, global offer (brand, advertising, content, event, social, digital, HR, BtoB , PR, Influence, Crisis, etc.), creativity, hybridization, agility, meaning & performance ”, comments Mathieu Gabai, President of Epoka.

Regarding the work done for Keolis which won the Grand Prix of the competition, it is a premium biannual magazine named "Pulse".

What does the "Pulse" project convey?

It is a review entirely devoted to performance, actions, the environment and the sector of Keolis experts. The company offers a tailor-made global mobility solution for each territory. This review therefore allows the transmission of the information necessary for a good understanding of their activities.

The information is divided into several distinct parts:

" Understand "

" Discover "

"To accomplish"

"Be inspired"

A colorful, playful magazine that transcribes the positive energy of the Keolis company.

Through its creativity, innovation and performance, Epoka has stood out and built effective communication systems to satisfy its customers and offer them products that make sense!


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